Featured Writer #113: Katherine Vaz



Read an excerpt from Katherine Vaz's new novel Above the Salt plus an exclusive interview with the author.


Above the Salt (Flatiron Books/Macmillan, 2023) is based on the true story of the converts to Presbyterianism on the Portuguese island of Madeira who were violently driven into the sea. John Alves grew up in jail with his mother, Serafina, condemned to die for heresy (and later granted a reprieve). The following excerpt covers John’s passage from Trinidad to New York to the haven of Jacksonville and Springfield, Illinois, where he and his fellow exiles were adopted. John will court a fellow Madeiran, Mary Freitas, at the Lincoln household before betrayals and the Civil War upend the rest of their lives. Read the full excerpt and interview here!


An Interview with Anders Carlson-Wee



Tyler Robert Sheldon talks with Anders Carlson-Wee about Disease of Kings (October 2023). 



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Anthony Petullo: In the Eyes of an Outsider

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**Travis Kurowski's essay "Basquiat and Six Uses of Space" appears in this issue with some text missing. A correct version of the essay can be downloaded here.. "Basquiat and Six Uses of Space" will also be reprinted in its entirety as a chapbook, which will be mailed to subscribers and customers who purchase this issue. We're very proud of this essay and apologize to the author and our readers for the error.

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Featured Writer #112: Michele Morano

Fuori di Testa

A crush starts in the back of the throat, at the edge of a swallow, attraction meeting a hint of repulsion like a wave rolling forward even as it pulls back, like “uh-oh” and “here we go again,” again being the operative word. Crushes are iterative: with each new one, you’ve been here before, never mind that you’re forty, then fifty, then fifty-five years old and happily partnered; the crushes keep coming on people you know and people you don’t. Read more...


2023 Regeneration Contest Winners


Ninth Letter is excited to announce the winner, honorable mention, and finalist of our 2023 Regeneration Literary Contest. Special thanks to contest sponsor, the Illinois Regenerative Agriculture Initiative, and to our guest judge Dr. Craig Santos Perez. The winning story will be published in print and online in December 2023, and the honorable mention essay will appear online. Thank you to all of our submitters, finalists, and readers.  


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