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Ninth Letter will be accepting submissions of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for a special online edition to be published at ninthletter.com in Winter 2018.  Submissions will be open from January 22 to March 31.

The theme for this issue is climate. Subjected to climate change both in our localities and at a distance, how does our literature recognize and respond? Snow in Saudi Arabia. Bleached coral reefs. Bomb cyclones and a weakened polar vortex. Drought and unprecedented wildfire. Longer hurricane seasons. We hear this all around us, but what does it mean to you?




Journal – No. 7

Spring/Summer 2007 – Vol. 4, No. 1

Sample Spreads




Chris Abani, Brock Clarke, Stephan Clark, Mickey Hess, Kelly Magee, Daniel Wallace, Kellie Wells


Diana Marie Delgado, Andrew Grace, Benjamin Grossberg, Dory L. Hudspeth, Gary L. McDowell, Karyna McGlynn, Wayne Miller, John Murillo, Sara Pennington, Elizabeth Klise von Zerneck, Thom Ward, Philip White


Terry Caesar, Ben George, Kathleen Kirk, Kim Dana Kupperman, Joe Oestreich, Elena Passarello, Judith Valente, Nicole Walker


Urban Vinyl: Art Toy Phenomenon, Fabiola Elias and Jeffrey T. Jones (writers)

Where We're At

Songs and Poetry: An Interview with John Darnielle by Laura Bandy

Haunting Graceland, by Cory Holding

Halfway House: A History of Horse Thieves and Hospitality, by Amy Sayre-Roberts

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Happy spring everyone! Things at Ninth Letter are growing and expanding in so many new and exciting ways it’s hard to keep track of them all—we’ve got our design team settled into a new studio space on the UI campus, thanks to the good people in the School of Art & Design, and genius designer Mason Kessinger has set us up with a fantastic redesigned web site (www.ninthletter.com) where you can find brand-new online content every month to keep you satisfied during the long stretches between print publications.

Our next Featured Artist to be showcased on ninthletter.com will be Jan Erkert, renowned choreographer and head of the UI Dance Department. Jan will be working with a team of artists, including our own Daniel Goscha, to create a dance/video hybrid electronic art project.

As always, we couldn’t keep up the good fight for art and literature without the support of many wonderful people on campus and in the community. On behalf of the staff of Ninth Letter, I offer our thanks to the following people and organizations:

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And thanks to our faithful readers, as well as any newbies that have picked up Ninth Letter for the first time. Enjoy this new issue, and many more to come.




Jodee Stanley

Creative Nonfiction Editor

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Tyehimba Jess

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Jennifer Gunji-Ballsrud


Natalie Berberet, Kyrsten Blinstrup, Laurie Cheng, Sam Copeland, Kelly Cree, Megan Delaney, Fabiola Elias, Diana Jarvis, Jeffrey Jones, Borami Kang, Kristen King, Jonathan Lopez, Clinton Miceli, Hank Patton, Megan Severson, Ashley Skinner Brett Tabolt, Cathy Wendt, Ho-Mui Wong

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Now Available! Volume 14, no. 2 - Fall/Winter 2017-18

Featuring new work from:
D. J. Thielke, Rachel M. Hanson,
Becka Mara McKay, Kimberly King Parsons,
Jeanne Larson, Oliver Baez Bendorf,
Benjamín Naka-Hasebe Kingsley, Aaron Baker,
and more. Plus: The winners of our 2017 Literary Awards!


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This year's Literary Awards are now open for submissions. Our esteemed guest judges are Michele Morano, fiction; Elissa Washuta, creative nonfiction, and sam sax, poetry.

Winners in each category will receive $1000 and publication in Ninth Letter. All entrants will receive a one-year subscription.

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Feature: Cuban Voices



Dream Game, Memory's Palazzo

The Sun Yat-sen International Writers Residency Special Edition

edited and with an introduction by Katherine Scott Nelson

featuring poetry, essays, and stories by Ravi Shankar, Fan Dai, Larissa Boehning, Rúnar Vignisson, and more

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