Spring/Summer 2018 (purchase)



Ari Laurel, "The Temple of Suzee Pai"

Patrick Nathan, "Host"

James Warner, "The Logicians"

Katherine Zlabek, "Fennimore"




Rochelle Hurt, "Zombieland"

Eric Severn, "Everything They Said Was True"

Adrienne Perry, "Since I Was A Girl"

Aidan Forster, "Revisions on a Grindr Biography"

J. D. Ho, "Drink and Be Whole Again Beyond Confusion"

Misha Rai, "The Genealogy of a Killer"

Meg Shevenock, "Garbage Miracles"



Josh Kalscheur, "Last Language on the Object"

John Sibley Williams, "Homecoming"

Leah Poole Osowski, "Firmament," "Temporally"

Reese Conner, "Forgive Me, I Am a Violent Shape"

Diamond Forde, "Looking Out My Bedroom Window in Postignano"

Jane Huffman, "Sonnet with Gaping Holes"

Dylan Loring, "Despite Radically Asynchronous Work Schedules"

Dylan Carpenter, "Brief Veronica"

Lauren Davis, "In the Forest by the Bay"

Francis Santana, "ESL"

Jory Mickelson, "Synonym for Wing"

Jehanne Dubrow, "Honor Board Hearing"

Megan J. Arlett, "Noon"

Sonia Greenfield, "Tohoku Ghosts"

Mark Wagenaar, "A Charm for Ghosts (Mississippi Tongues Coda)," "Prayer for this Day"

Maggie Smith, "Airplanes," "Inside," "Poem Beginning with a Line from An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination"

Muriel Leung, "Letters from the Obscene"


Art Feature

An Interview with William Patrick Corgan


Where We're At

Nicholas Molbert, "Double Distance"

Benjamin Miller, "Virtual Reality and the Midwesty"



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Poetry Editor: Janice N. Harrington


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