Spring/Summer 2017  – Vol. 14, no. 1 (purchase)



Gabe Herron, "An Acceptable Haunting"

Scott Onak, "The Grand Egress"

Phong Nguyen, "Senior Paper: On T. S. Eliot's 'The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufork' by Harold Kelner"

Gabriela Garcia, "Episode"

Toni Judnitch, "Things Buried"

Daniel Davis-Williams, "Seeds"

Amelia Brunskill, "Dive Deep, Breath Held"



Anna Squires, "(un)seen"

Annie Olson, "Kings and Kingmakers"



Hannah Dow, "Postcard from Grasmere, England"

Joseph Capehart, "It's Sunday"

Callie Siskel, "Overwinter" and "L'Inverno"

Brian Tierney, "Eulogy" 

Kristin George Bagdanov, "Proof of Harm"

Chelsea Dingman, "Chimera" 

Trevor Ketner, "from A Spell Called Home: 26"

Tommye Blount, "Hardheaded Aubade" and "The Button"

Daniel Neff, "The Hummingbird"

Benjamin Landry, "'Idyll'"

Daniel Barnum, "Rue des Mauvais-Garçons"

Jacques J. Rancourt, "The Fall" 

Jacob Sunderlin, "Red State"

Laurie Macfee, "Morning"

Sarah-Kathryn Bryan, "I Wanted to Make You a Necklace"

Nancy Chen Long, "Christmas, Saigon"

Sonja Johanson, "Cassandra"


Special Feature
Going Beyond Good: A Poetry Revision Portfolio


Traci Brimhall, Introduction, "Sleep Regression Lullaby" (versions 1 and 2)

Kaveh Akbar, "Long Polished Nails" and "Heritage"

Tomás Q. Morín, "Ai" (versions 1 and 2) 

Lo Kwa Mei-En, "Pinnochia, I think something is burning" and "Pinnochia, you must never play with matches"

Benjamin S. Goldberg, "On Oversharing with a Passenger Who Stares Into Space" and "On Wanting to Overshare with a Passenger Who Stares Into Space"

Diane Seuss, "Wharol's Shadows" (versions 1 and 2)


Art Feature

Meadow Jones, "Bringing Back the Bears: An Unreliable Bestiary in an Unimaginable Time"


Where We're At

Chekwube Danladi, "Prairie of Refuge"

Skyler Lalone, "Carving Through Time"

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