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Spring/Summer 2023 (purchase)


Creative Nonfiction

Louise Ling Edwards “Water: Twelve Views"



Carolyn Hembree – “Poet as Odalisque”

Katie Berta – [I, If Here on Earth]

Chelsea Dingman – “One Night Stand" and "According to Levinas, the Self is Attested to through Speech and in Relation to The Other"

Kevin McLellan – “A New Hole in My Jacket Pocket" and "Physiology"

Alexa Luborsky – “Graphic" and "Shed on the Way to Gleiwitz"

Michael Meyerhofer – “Cosmology in Reverse”

Rochelle Hurt – “Hilma af Klink--Group IX/SUW, The Swan, No. 16 (1915)"

Arah Ko – “Second Tongue"

James Kelly Quigley – “Circulation" and "Stone Fruit"

Kellam Ayres– “At the Drive-In”

Jason McClosky – “Directions for the Inflammable Air (H2) in a Bull's Bladder Experiment" and "Directions for the Nitrous Air (NO) in an Air Pump Experiment"

Ruth Awad – "The Bull of Heaven"



Stephanie Mullings – “Many of Many Tenths” (2022 Literary Awards Honorable Mention)

Rebecca Bernard – “Boy on Fire”

Neal Hammons – “The Mermaids”

Molly Reid – “You Move I Move We Move They Move”

Lena Valencia – “The White Place”


Where We're At

Drew Buxton – “A World Nobody Owns"

Isaac Willis – “Altgeld's Castles"


Co-Editors: Liz Harms, Michael Hurley

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Poetry Editor: Ángel García

Fiction Editor: Amanda Bales

Assistant Editors: Claire Christoff, Weston Morrow, Nina Sannes

Editorial Assistants:  Matthew Fash, Madeline Furlong, Chelsea Hill, Carrie Johnson, Justine Mercado, David Miller, Jason Pfister, Deon Robinson, Andrea Sielicki, Zach Simon, Erin Stoodley, Hannah Thorpe, Chris Vanjonack

Editor-at-Large: Philip Graham, Jodee Stanley

Advisory Board: Amy Sayre Baptista, Traci Brimhall, James Brunton, Lindsey Drager, Matthew Minicucci, Marcus Wicker


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