Winter 2016

Winter 2016


First, as with any collaborative editorial effort, I want to thank everyone who worked on this issue, including our wonderful editorial assistants, and our founding editor Jodee Stanley. I can say that Jodee and I have wanted to have an issue of Ninth Letter that focused on Midwestern Writers for a long time, and I feel fortunate to have been editor for it. One of the things I’m proudest of is the tremendous diversity displayed in the issue by writers who identify as Midwesterners, whether it be diversity of background, diversity of experience, or diversity of race and gender. This issue flies in the face of traditional notions of what a Midwesterner is and what he/she writes about. The curatorial experience was all the more satisfying because I read so many voices that were unique, complicated, and yet still so intensely Midwestern, something I (after so many years) feel I’m now inexorably a part of. Reading these pieces changed my thinking about who and what the Midwestern writer is, and we hope it does the same for you.


—Matthew Minicucci



Editor: Matthew Minicucci


Editorial Assistants: Olivia Arrendondo, Hannah Bollman, Randi Clemens, Luz Diaz, Megan Donofrio, Emily Durkin, Kat Fuenty, Mitchell Healy, Michelle Hsieh, Lesley Kirnbauer, Joseph Krause, Kellie Leaver, John Milas, Jenny Nunez, Brittany Peterson, Darwin Rodgers, Claire Schroeder, Elizabeth Weaver

Poetry by:

Michael Bazzett, Kara Candito, Brian Clifton, Ryan Collins, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Kara Krewer, Karyna McGlynn, Brian D. Morrison, Hieu Minh Nguyen, Caitlin Scarano, Sue William Silverman, Emily Skaja, Peter Twal

Fiction by:

Michael Reid Busk, Mika Taylor, Maria Kuznetsova, Anne Valente, Adam Prince, Katie Jean Shinkle

Creative Nonfiction by:               

Robert Hahn, Martha Lundin                                         

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